The Gruss Lipper Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program accepts electronic applications submitted through the Online Application System (OAS). If you are unable to submit your application electronically, please contact the Administrator at fellowship@eglcf.org or 212-446-4262.

To begin the application process, you will need to enter the required information for each section of the application form. Once you have completed the data entry in a particular section, click “Save and Continue”. Once all sections of the application form are completed, you will be asked to review your application and provide payment information. After payment is made, you will need to click on the Submit Application button to submit your final application.

Yes. All of the information you enter and upload will be saved under your user name and password for submission at a later time. Prior to logging off, you must click “Save and Continue” on the page you are currently working on for the information to be saved.

On the log-in page there is a link for applicants who forgot their password. Click this link and follow the instructions for resetting your password.

You cannot make changes to your application once it has been submitted. Prior to submission, you will have an opportunity to review and edit the information you have entered. If there is an urgent matter regarding your submission, please contact us at fellowship@eglcf.org.

All uploaded documents must be in PDF format. Make sure that your PDF documents do not contain any encryption or password protection. 

If you do not have the software to create PDF files, you may use our Word to PDF converter provided on the Upload Documents page of the application form. Simply upload the Word file you would like to convert and click “Convert.” Once you have downloaded and saved the file locally please review it for accuracy. The file can then be uploaded with your application materials. There is no fee for the conversion service. 

Special formatting such as bolding, italics, underlining will not be accepted in the data entry fields. Also, special symbols including $, % and angle brackets (<,>) will not be accepted. However, both single and double quotation marks may be used.

You are required to submit names and contact information, including email addresses, for at least three people (maximum of four) who will write a recommendation on your behalf. We will contact your recommenders for recommendation letters, but we suggest that you inform those whose names you will be submitting.

The recommenders listed on your application form will receive individual e-mail requests that include instructions for uploading a letter in support of your application. We strongly suggest that you notify your recommenders to anticipate this e-mail request from The Gruss Lipper Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program so it is not filtered as junk mail. Please discuss your application with your recommenders ahead of time as The Gruss Lipper Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program will not provide your recommenders with a copy of your application.

You will receive a confirmation email when each request for a letter of recommendation is sent on your behalf. 

If a recommender is having difficulty uploading a letter, please have him/her contact fellowship@eglcf.org. If a recommender cannot locate the link to upload a recommendation, please log in to your account and use the application feature under View Application Status to resend the link to the recommender.

Once a letter has been received by The Gruss Lipper Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program, both you and the recommender will receive an email confirmation. If the required three letters of recommendation have not been received by October 1, 2017, a reminder will be sent to the recommenders we have not heard from and you will be copied. You may also log-in and click View Application Status to see the status of the recommendation letters received for your application (see below). 

When all materials are received, you will receive an email informing you that your application is complete. Due to the large number of applications we receive, it may take some time to verify and mark each application as complete.

You may view your application status at any time after submission by logging in and clicking on View Application Status. You will be able to see the date of application submission and date of completion, as well as the status of the recommendation letters.

If there is an urgent matter regarding your application, please contact us at fellowship@eglcf.org