The following items should be included in the candidate’s application in the order in which they are listed below. All items should be included in the specified order in one PDF titled with the candidate’s last name and first name (Smith, Robert) and submitted via email to

Research Proposal: The application should include an outline of the candidate’s research proposal written by the candidate. The Review Committee respectfully requests that the submission is original writing by the applicant and not a copy of any material written by the Mentor. The outline should be written in Ariel font size 11 and be limited to five pages including figures and references. Submissions that do not comply with these criteria will not be considered.

CV: The candidate should include a current curriculum vitae listing all publications, presentations, and awards.

Biosketch: A biosketch of the candidate’s mentor according to NIH Biosketch format.

Ph.D. certification: Candidates should submit certification of receipt of their Ph.D. from the conferring institution.

Reference Letters: A minimum of three letters of reference from Professors who know the candidate’s work are required. In addition, letters from the mentor and the Department Chairperson of the host institution should be included. These letters should provide details describing the research training environment and facilities available to the trainee, as well as a description of the candidate’s suitability for the proposed research. These letters should be submitted directly to the Foundation in PDF form to

The deadline for submission of the application and accompanying materials is September 15, 2016. The Gruss Lipper Fellowship Foundation awardees will be notified in December 2016.

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